This is not a unicorn

  • by helga
  • 09/01/2013
This is not a unicorn - The marketing cube

This week I’m launching The Marketing Cube. That’s right!, after symbolically launching it on the 12/12/12 (my birthday, incidentally), I still had some work to do finalising web pages, stationery, marketing plans, and also…… four versions of the logo.

Foolishly, carried out by the name, I’ve sketched a quick logo that was too similar to Rubik’s cube at the beginning. And guess what, Rubik’s cube is copyrighted:

“The RUBIK’S CUBE® in its three dimensional form and any graphic or photographic representation of it, in any configuration, coloured or uncoloured, whether it carries the RUBIK’S CUBE® name or logo, is protected by intellectual property laws throughout the world.”

And they take it very seriously.

It followed a process of natural selection, as I read more and more about the subject while trying to  launch this very small venture of mine.

By the end, I was simply paranoid… are different colours enough of a difference? How many squares am I allowed to have side by side? can it be 3D? should I add a texture?…. will they come after me?… should I hire a personal bodyguard? 

I was scared, frightened and insecure. I was losing it.

In the end, after a nice relaxing break over Christmas with my family and my cat in Lisbon, I just settled for a 2 x 2 drawing inspired by a Rubik-esque cube, and got on with it.



But sometimes I still have nightmares with the copyright bogeyman……

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