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  • by helga
  • 10/02/2013

Something I’ve always liked in my professional life is diversity. No, I don’t mean that job in a pet shop when I was at Uni, nor the couple of odd jobs during the first month as I was settling in London. I’m referring to the diversity of marketing specialties, channels and approaches that, as a generalist marketer, you have to utilise. Over the last years I’ve gathered lots of interesting insight and experience in several disciplines, from email to social media, from direct mail to marketing live events, and the list goes on. Lately I’ve been engrossed in learning how to plan and develop webinars – all exciting stuff!

I’ve now decided to share some of that insight in light bytes, tips and tools available in a new goodies section.

The first one is a spreadsheet to get you started with email marketing  – basically a template for a ‘plan on a page’ including stages of development, main goals, tactics for acquiring new subscribers, segmentation, testing, evaluation, delivery recommendations etc.

Email marketing plan

This is really just a snippet and an entry level into email marketing. A lot more could be said about each and every single of these topics: email deliverability, creative recommendations, segmentation and targeting strategies, subscriber acquisition options and more… but my objective is to keep adding to the Goodies page focusing on simple, practical tools like checklists, spreadsheets and action plans.

Tomorrow I’m going to a workshop organised by DreamStake, at Google campus. I’m trying to get a bit of an ‘energy boost’ via networking and inspiration to develop themarketingcube… my priority at the moment is to find out how to link the provision of marketing & branding services to social projects, in such a way that these social aims are embedded in the business model. I hope I can post some updates on it soon.

A good evening and a good week to everyone! 🙂

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