How can sustainable marketing help your business?

  • by helga
  • 29/12/2013

How can sustainable marketing help your business?I decided to use the festive week to pull together a more structured product combining ‘sustainability’ and marketing consultancy services.

I call it a ‘product’ because it can be adapted to several delivery formats: for example a training course or workshop, a series of webinars /webcasts, a bespoke consultancy project on a one-to-one basis, or even an off-the-shelf how-to guide.

This product pulls together all the information and guidance related to creating and marketing more sustainable businesses which I have been researching for the last couple of years, combining it with marketing best practice, generalist skills and knowledge gathered over my professional experience, and distils it into a programme for SMEs, start ups and social enterprises.

The main idea is to look at my client’s business model, product or service and offer recommendations, practical tips and hands-on help for how sustainable marketing can help their organisation launch, grow or adapt to new market conditions.

This will include looking at opportunities to:

  • Transform products into services and/or explore a ‘service-oriented’ product lifecycle (benefits: lower cost to deliver the product; longer brand exposure; new cross-selling opportunities; improved loyalty)
  • Innovate how the business sources, buys and uses suppliers or distribution channels, making use of their value chain (benefits: make cost savings by adopting smart sustainable concepts)
  • Improve existing product proposition, customer service or develop new services by exploring new technologies or synergies with like-minded ventures (benefits: again an opportunity for cost savings, lead generation and tapping into new markets)
  • Embed sustainability in their marketing plans and marketing communications (benefit: boost brand awareness and brand engagement levels; increased potential for loyalty overall)
  • Develop sustainability in internal practices and comms (benefit: higher employee engagement, motivation and retention levels)

I hope this list makes it clear that you don’t need to be a social enterprise to benefit from sustainability opportunities. You also don’t need a costly consultancy service on a ‘CSR revamp’ which in the end everyone knows will boil down to more corporate philanthropy and PR…

The programme’s content will not be wishy-washy either, which is always a risk when you throw in the word ‘sustainability’. It should be inspiring, efficient and affordable, helping businesses with delivering better products and services, finding more customers, making existing customers happier, and in general developing a healthier and more sustainable bottom line.

I’ll continue working on content and delivery formats – if you know anyone with a start up, SME or social enterprise interested in piloting the service, I’d love to hear from you.

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